The Power of ‘Yes’: Say it Often

Following is my latest column in PRSSA’s online magazine, FORUM. When Forum Editor Krista Watson asked me to write about the power of “yes,” I instantly recalled a conversation a couple of years ago with two over-worked agency interns. The first intern looked and sounded depressed, questioning her career decision. The other breathless intern said…… Continue reading The Power of ‘Yes’: Say it Often

10 Mistakes New Pros Make and How to Avoid Them

Mistakes are inevitable as you begin your career. Simply being aware of the most common mistakes can keep career damage to a minimum. Avoiding them entirely will propel your career. Based on my personal experience and observation, here are the 10 most common early-stage career mistakes: Over confidence. Sometimes there is a fine line between…… Continue reading 10 Mistakes New Pros Make and How to Avoid Them

What I Wish I Knew Before I Fell Into My PR Career

The following Culpwrit post appears in the current issue of PRSSA’s FORUM magazine. First of all, I wish PRSSA existed when I was in college. Being involved in PRSSA likely would have jump started my public relations career. Instead, it took a few years of other jobs before I discovered this amazing profession. OK, becoming…… Continue reading What I Wish I Knew Before I Fell Into My PR Career

Bottom Line to a Successful Career: 10 Tips

For years, writing has been the consensus #1 skill demanded of top prospective public relations talent. Nothing else came close. But as the role of communicators has pivoted from being tacticians to becoming true business partners, so has the demand shifted to individuals who are not only good writers, but also who are comfortable with…… Continue reading Bottom Line to a Successful Career: 10 Tips

12 Steps to Stand Out From the Crowd

Recruiters report almost a thousand applications flowing into their agencies for each new summer internship and coveted entry-level job. With that in mind this is the season to focus on differentiating yourself from run-of-the-mill candidates. Based on observations from the recent PRSSA national conference “career exhibition” in Atlanta, a few agencies drew the attention of…… Continue reading 12 Steps to Stand Out From the Crowd

Reference Checks: Last Hurdle to Your Job Offer

Gone are the days when job applicants controlled the reference-checking process by providing “References Upon Request” and employers conducted formulaic interviews. Today, references can come from just about anybody–a former boss, a peer, a favorite professor or even a receptionist.

Social Media: #LearnItLoveItForSuccess

“Embrace social media or you’ll be out of business in five years.” That opening statement from my stump speech gets the attention of business men and women, many of whom would prefer to avoid engagement in digital communication (despite knowing it’s not going away). The same declaration can be modified to apply to higher education…… Continue reading Social Media: #LearnItLoveItForSuccess