Must-Have PR Tech Tools for Today’s Practitioner

Entry-level public relations hires currently earn an average salary of $32,761, while that sum quickly increases as they earn the next step up the career ladder where they’ll net an average of $44,353 a year until experience and demonstrated accmplishments bounce that number to $100,000 and more, according to salary surveys for the profession. In fact, PR agency personnel average…… Continue reading Must-Have PR Tech Tools for Today’s Practitioner

Social Media: #LearnItLoveItForSuccess

“Embrace social media or you’ll be out of business in five years.” That opening statement from my stump speech gets the attention of business men and women, many of whom would prefer to avoid engagement in digital communication (despite knowing it’s not going away). The same declaration can be modified to apply to higher education…… Continue reading Social Media: #LearnItLoveItForSuccess