Select References Wisely and Prep Them

When selecting your references for job applications, two words of advice: choose wisely. You had better assume that potential employers will, indeed, contact these parties and that your former supervisors will likely be at the top of the list – even if you haven’t voluntarily offered up their names on your application. If you are…… Continue reading Select References Wisely and Prep Them

Reference Check Process: A Guide for Job Seekers

Reference checks can “seal the deal” or derail a job offer. Fearing a hiring misstep, employers are intensifying reference checks to make sure prospective employees are what their resumes and interviews promise. The following article will throw light on ‘reference check process’, and what every employee should know about it to understand its importance.  What is…… Continue reading Reference Check Process: A Guide for Job Seekers

Don’t Surprise Your Job References

A former colleague called me last week to inquire about someone who used to work at Sara Lee some 20 years ago. I didn’t remember the person at first, but I eventually determined the individual had since gotten married and changed her name. Still, I wasn’t able to give a compelling recommendation since much had…… Continue reading Don’t Surprise Your Job References

Reference Checks: Last Hurdle to Your Job Offer

Gone are the days when job applicants controlled the reference-checking process by providing “References Upon Request” and employers conducted formulaic interviews. Today, references can come from just about anybody–a former boss, a peer, a favorite professor or even a receptionist.

Prospective Job Hits Dead-End. . .Maybe

  Q.  I’ve been searching for a full-time PR position for almost a year.  Recently, I interviewed with a company for a great position.  The initial interview went well, and I was back a week later for a second interview.  That went even better.  The morning after my second interview, the interviewer asked me for…… Continue reading Prospective Job Hits Dead-End. . .Maybe