Jobs Aplenty, But Not Necessarily Full Time

Even with growing demand for public relations services, agencies and corporations will resist filing full-time positions while increasing their reliance on interns and contractors.   Driven by uncertainty over true economic recovery, agency and business leaders will need hard proof that current positive signs for future growth is a reality, not another illusion in the country’s…… Continue reading Jobs Aplenty, But Not Necessarily Full Time

‘Culpwrit’ Award Winner: Kelsey Balimtas

By Geri A. Evans, APR “ . . . and the winner of the Ron Culp Scholarship for Mentorship is Kelsey Balimtas, president of the PRSSA Chapter at American University.” With these words, a very bright and talented young woman pursuing a degree in public communications with minors in marketing and psychology moved her dreams…… Continue reading ‘Culpwrit’ Award Winner: Kelsey Balimtas

Social Media: #LearnItLoveItForSuccess

“Embrace social media or you’ll be out of business in five years.” That opening statement from my stump speech gets the attention of business men and women, many of whom would prefer to avoid engagement in digital communication (despite knowing it’s not going away). The same declaration can be modified to apply to higher education…… Continue reading Social Media: #LearnItLoveItForSuccess