Remembering Kathleen Kelly, Ph.D.

The public relations world lost one of its most enthusiastic and honest champions last week with the passing of Kathleen Kelly, Public Relations Professor Emeritus at the University of Florida. I was introduced to Kathleen many years ago by the late Betsy Plank, who described Kathleen as one of the all-time great mentors in the…… Continue reading Remembering Kathleen Kelly, Ph.D.

Program Introduces Young Men to PR Careers

A unique seven-week summer program aimed at increasing the number of young minority men considering public relations as a career option just wrapped up at the Midtown Center for Boys in Chicago. Judging from initial feedback, the program was a success since none of the students initially was aware of the career potential of PR, but…… Continue reading Program Introduces Young Men to PR Careers

Go to Grad School for the Right Reasons

  Q.  Since you’ve become a professor, I probably know your answer but I’d like your POV about getting a master’s degree in PR.  I got my undergrad degree in English two years ago and have been in two lack-luster jobs since then so I have applied to graduate school in order to create some PR credentials. …… Continue reading Go to Grad School for the Right Reasons