Go to Grad School for the Right Reasons

  Q.  Since you’ve become a professor, I probably know your answer but I’d like your POV about getting a master’s degree in PR.  I got my undergrad degree in English two years ago and have been in two lack-luster jobs since then so I have applied to graduate school in order to create some PR credentials. …… Continue reading Go to Grad School for the Right Reasons

Weigh Bottom-line Benefits of Grad School

  Q.  I have a major decision to make in the next month–grad school or continue my so-far unsuccessful job search.  I graduated in January and can get my grad degree in a little over a year, so perhaps the economy will improve further by then.  What do you recommend?  -LB A.  Don’t assume graduate…… Continue reading Weigh Bottom-line Benefits of Grad School

The Grad School Option

A young friend decided to enroll in graduate school this month as a way to wait out the lackluster job market.  Since he always had planned to get a master’s degree, I couldn’t debate the decision.  However, I encourage everyone to make sure they’re pursuing advanced degrees for the right reasons.  I enlisted Syracuse University professor Bill Coplin…… Continue reading The Grad School Option