Creating Successful Work-From-Home Internships

Recent graduates and students lucky enough to land internships report a wide range of experiences, none as fulfilling as in-person assignments. “I’m just happy to have a job,” a recent grad told me, adding that the position saved her from having to move back home with her parents. “While $15 an hour saved my mental…… Continue reading Creating Successful Work-From-Home Internships

Resume Follow-Up: When and How?

You see a job that seems perfect. You tweak your resume and eagerly upload it to the company portal. Then, silence. What happened? Did they get it? Should I follow up? How do I check? I often hear these questions from students and young professionals. Sadly, resume receipt confirmation is no longer a common courtesy.…… Continue reading Resume Follow-Up: When and How?

See a Job You Want? Don’t Wait, Apply Immediately

A month ago, I mentioned an interesting job opportunity to an unemployed friend. Imagine my surprise last Thursday when she told me that she finally submitted her application. When I asked why it took her so long to apply for the job that was posted nearly four weeks earlier, my procrastinating friend explained that she…… Continue reading See a Job You Want? Don’t Wait, Apply Immediately

December Job Search Game Plan

Contrary to popular opinion, agencies and companies don’t flip a switch and turn off hiring during holidays. Yes, year-end vacations and social events can slow down the process but smart job seekers will use this time of year to implement seasonal-specific job search game plans. Recruiters confirm a year-round need to fill new jobs. Edelman SVP of recruiting Travis Kessel…… Continue reading December Job Search Game Plan

Handicapping the PR Career Track

With so many secular changes in the PR and marketing field, mentoring has become more valuable than ever. This goes both for recent graduates about to enter the PR field and seasoned managers who, let’s face it, can learn a thing a two from younger people conditioned on social channels and digital media. There are…… Continue reading Handicapping the PR Career Track

So, How Much Should You Really Be Paid?

  Last week, I enjoyed the privilege of participating on a panel gathered to hear PR presentations for final exam in Ron Culp’s class.  They were the next generation of PR pros: bright, driven, eager and talented.  They’ve examined PR case studies, pursued internships and soaked up as much information and sage advice as possible. …… Continue reading So, How Much Should You Really Be Paid?