Compelling Cover Letters: Why They Still Matter

By Jill O’Mahony Stewart Are cover letters still necessary? This question comes up a lot. As bots screen our resumes, we wonder if we really need an accompanying cover letter. A resounding “yes” comes from the online world supporting job seekers: “… far too often, job seekers treat the cover letter as an afterthought to…… Continue reading Compelling Cover Letters: Why They Still Matter

Resume Follow-Up: When and How?

You see a job that seems perfect. You tweak your resume and eagerly upload it to the company portal. Then, silence. What happened? Did they get it? Should I follow up? How do I check? I often hear these questions from students and young professionals. Sadly, resume receipt confirmation is no longer a common courtesy.…… Continue reading Resume Follow-Up: When and How?

See a Job You Want? Don’t Wait, Apply Immediately

A month ago, I mentioned an interesting job opportunity to an unemployed friend. Imagine my surprise last Thursday when she told me that she finally submitted her application. When I asked why it took her so long to apply for the job that was posted nearly four weeks earlier, my procrastinating friend explained that she…… Continue reading See a Job You Want? Don’t Wait, Apply Immediately

Avoid ‘Teaser’ Emails in Job Search

  Several hiring managers have asked me to encourage job seekers to stop sending “teaser emails.”  These are short messages containing few details, but almost always seeking an opportunity to meet in person. Agencies receive hundreds of quality resumes each month, so some hiring managers speculate that applicants leave resumes off their email inquiries in hopes…… Continue reading Avoid ‘Teaser’ Emails in Job Search

Student Resume Boost Costs $50

  Gary McCormick, Rebecca Timms, Betsy Plank  During yesterday’s Plank Center board meeting, I realized I was sitting across the table from three generations of PRSA leadership–Betsy Plank, founder of PRSSA Champions and first woman to chair PRSA; Gary McCormick, chair-elect of PRSA, and Rebecca Timms, national president, PRSSA.  During a break, I told them that when…… Continue reading Student Resume Boost Costs $50