Intern Or Hold Out?

Q.  A frustrated college graduate from the Class of ’07 who is completing her third internship asks the following question–it’s actually a stake-in-the-ground comment:  “I feel I have paid my dues.  I graduated from a good college and have done three internships so I will only focus my job search on full-time PR positions, even if that means I don’t work for…… Continue reading Intern Or Hold Out?

Social Media: A Day in the Life Of . . .

  Jessica Randazza, Account Executive                                     Publicis Consultants – PR, Seattle, WA The public relations field is constantly changing in order to keep up with client demands and expectations and inevitably the change brings with it ever growing social media.  As a young professional, I have frequently been called on by senior staff for my…… Continue reading Social Media: A Day in the Life Of . . .

Advertising or PR?

Q.  I have completed most of my general ed requirements and now need to declare a major.  I initially thought I wanted to focus on advertising, but now wonder if PR is the better long-term career choice.  Suggestions?                                                                                                                                                                                                                        A.  A.  As you might expect, I am an advocate of PR so I begin with admitting…… Continue reading Advertising or PR?

What Graduates Need For Today’s Practice

That was the topic of a panel on which I participated recently at the PR division meeting of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communications (AEJMC).  Rich Jernstedt, CMO, EVP and senior partner at Fleishman-Hillard; Jack Koten, retired SVP of corporate communications at Ameritech (once again part of AT&T) and I shared points of view…… Continue reading What Graduates Need For Today’s Practice

Millennial Survey: Help Employers, Yourself

The first years of your public relations career are an exciting time of growth and new challenges. Three University of Oregon faculty–Kelli Matthews, Tiffany Derville and Pat Curtin–are conducting important research around the challenges and expectations that young practitioners face in PR agencies, specifically. If you’re working at a PR Agency full time and are younger than…… Continue reading Millennial Survey: Help Employers, Yourself

Political Volunteerism Helps Build Resume

  Long before I started my career in public relations, I worked in many political campaigns–both volunteer and paid positions.  These jobs enhanced my resume, and got the attention of Democrat and Republican hiring managers who also had played roles in political campaigns.  However, don’t do what one unsuccessful applicant did.  She wore a political button to her…… Continue reading Political Volunteerism Helps Build Resume

A Day in the Life of. . .

      JAVIER MACIAS                                  Assistant Account Executive                                  GolinHarris, Chicago The world of public relations is usually underestimated and rarely witnessed in its truest form.  There is never a shortage of work to be planned, executed and analyzed; asking professionals in this field to excel in the field of multitasking.    Witnessed instead are the masterpieces…… Continue reading A Day in the Life of. . .

Agency Hierarchy: Three Stages of Success

Several readers of this blog have asked for an explanation of the agency pecking order.  I thought that explanation might best come from a young person who is succeeding in the agency world through hard work and keen observation. Tyler Marciniak, 25, is a Senior Account Executive in Edelman’s New York Corporate and Public Affairs…… Continue reading Agency Hierarchy: Three Stages of Success