How to Land a Writing Job

  I’ve seen some very well written resumes lately, so I recently asked an applicant for her secret.  Surprisingly, she admitted hiring someone to write her resume.  That got me thinking about the far flung job opportunities in writing, which lead me to a great website–About Freelance Writing.  

This information-rich site provides advice on how to land a writing job, and also updates lists of openings–including resume writers.  It also provides insights into setting fees.  Another helpful site dedicated to freelance jobs is Freelance Writing

One thought on “How to Land a Writing Job

  1. Ron!
    Wow, such kind words! I really appreciate it. I publish freelance writing etc. jobs on Monday, Wed. and Friday.

    I’ll also take emailed questions about freelance writing… put q&a in the subject line or you may disappear into spam.

    Liking what I see here-just emailed my job seeking son a link to the lucky 13


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