Test Drive My Job: PR Career Insights

Finding out what’s really involved with specific PR jobs is important to anyone considering a career in public relations, but some recent blog posts provide valuable insights. 

Soon-t0-graduate York University (UK) student blogger Adam Lewis posts a candid, insightful interview with Matt Churchill of Edelman Digital on his colorful Flawless Buzz blog.   

Several informative interviews with PR practitioners also can be found under the category heading Test Drive My Job on the blog of Washington, DC-based PR pro Amanda Miller.

Amanda interviews a wide range of PR practitioners, many of whom have been practicing PR for only a few years.  You’ll get a glimpse into the working lives of individuals working in agencies, small business, and nonprofit organizations as well as a self-employed freelancer. 

Thanks to Aerial Ellis for calling my attention to Test Drive My Job.  Aerial also writes an entertaining PR blog, Classic Concepts from a PR Pro.  Aerial told me that she’s been swamped with work lately so she hasn’t been updating her blog as regularly as desired, but she plans to be back with regular posts this Summer. 

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