Corporate or agency … or nonprofit?

Everyone contemplating a career in public relations wonders where to start.  (While I remain a proponent of gaining experience in the media, that’s no longer a requirment of any PR position–but I still maintain it can set you apart from other candidates.)  Corporate positions are dwindling everywhere, while agency and nonprofit opportunities are spurring current growth within…… Continue reading Corporate or agency … or nonprofit?

Moving from corporate to nonprofit

Marybeth Johnson, former corporate communications VP at Exelon Corporation, moved last year to an exciting new challenge as VP of communications and public affairs for Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo.  I asked Marybeth to share her thoughts on the differences and similarities of those very different seeming roles.  Here are Marybeth’s insights:     Not-for-profit organizations are typically multi-million dollar businesses, managed and…… Continue reading Moving from corporate to nonprofit

Building a Job-Winning Resume

  Ideally, you start laying the groundwork for an eye-catching resume during high school and college years.  Fill it with volunteer service and internships.  These set your resume apart from the hundreds of anemic ones that simply list college degrees, GPAs and summer jobs.  If you work during the summer in something other than a relevant  paid internship, augment your resume by…… Continue reading Building a Job-Winning Resume

Job Sites

A number of PR publications provide job listings and job posting services.  Let me know your favorites.  In the meantime, I’ve heard many recommendations for the free job posting service provided by PRSA.  The Job Seekers link ( will take you to an easy-to-navigate site where you can post your resume and also find helpful information, including a list of…… Continue reading Job Sites

A Day in the Life of…

Caitlin Tridle Associate, Public Relations Kaplan Higher Education Monday, May 19, 2008 Brief job description: Kaplan Higher Education owns and operates approximately 70 brick-and-mortar campuses across the nation as well as several online institutions such as Kaplan University and Concord Law School. My boss and I handle all the PR needs for the campuses. We…… Continue reading A Day in the Life of…

Q & As

Q. I just graduated from college and need to land my first PR job, which hasn’t been easy to do. Should I consider applying for internships? A. By all means, consider internships. Internships, especially at agencies, are no longer the domain of undergraduates. They are a key source of entry-level hiring. They generally run for…… Continue reading Q & As