Internships Are the ‘Deal Cards’ to Full-time PR Job

Internships are like pulling the Pass Go card in Monopoly. In the board game, your chance of winning increases with each deal card you pull. Internships are the “deal cards” for landing a job in public relations. This week, I heard from recruiters who were in the final review of potential intern candidates for summer…… Continue reading Internships Are the ‘Deal Cards’ to Full-time PR Job

College Senior Career Preparation Checklist

Working at Ogilvy Chicago over the summer as an account management intern was an incredible experience. Being at an agency with almost 600 employees was certainly an eye-opening experience. I really enjoyed working in account management because I was able to see projects from creative brief to keyline approval. Somewhere in between the hundreds (which…… Continue reading College Senior Career Preparation Checklist

Unpaid Internships Build Resumes

Q.  I have applied for more than 10 advertised internship openings, but have not been able to land any of them.  One agency has offered an unpaid 2-month internship.  What do you think about taking unpaid positions?  -SB A.  I recall grimacing when my sons were offered only unpaid internships, but we felt these internships…… Continue reading Unpaid Internships Build Resumes