Back on the Soapbox: Interns Should Be Paid

A friend who will remain anonymous so he perhaps remains a friend asked me this week to help him find a top-notch intern. He sent job specifications that essentially required the intern to perform at the level of an account executive or above. Wishful thinking job descriptions are standard these days. The bigger issue with this one is…… Continue reading Back on the Soapbox: Interns Should Be Paid

Weighing Paid, Unpaid, Bought Internships

  I got an email this week from the father of a college sophomore, requesting my point of view regarding his plan to buy a summer internship for his son.  The “helicopter parent” is focused on building his son’s resume so he hopefully lands a good job upon graduation or impresses the best graduate schools.  The internship…… Continue reading Weighing Paid, Unpaid, Bought Internships

Building a Case for Unpaid Internship

  As a parent who had the ability to help support sons in unpaid summer internships, I know the value of of such experiences, although I don’t like the concept.  Unpaid internships favor those who can afford to work for free, while eliminating talented individuals who need to earn money for college expenses and life.  I feel…… Continue reading Building a Case for Unpaid Internship

Unpaid Internships Build Resumes

Q.  I have applied for more than 10 advertised internship openings, but have not been able to land any of them.  One agency has offered an unpaid 2-month internship.  What do you think about taking unpaid positions?  -SB A.  I recall grimacing when my sons were offered only unpaid internships, but we felt these internships…… Continue reading Unpaid Internships Build Resumes