Must Reading in a Facebook World

  DAVID DROBIS Chairman Emeritus and former CEO,  Ketchum The Arthur W. Page Society, an influential organization made up of several hundred of the senior most PR professionals in the world, named David Drobis to its Hall of Fame this week.   This is appropriate recognition for David’s lifelong career and dedication to public relations.  I have known…… Continue reading Must Reading in a Facebook World

Advice From Tech PR Pioneer David Simon

During my vacation last week, I met a fascinating PR veteran – David Simon.  Over dinner, I “interviewed” him about his career, and he offered a few suggestions for young people starting out in this profession.  A glimpse at his long career will be of interest, especially to individuals who did not pursue a traditional PR or communications degree.…… Continue reading Advice From Tech PR Pioneer David Simon

Conversations With PR Leaders

Students, educators and practitioners can sit in on conversations with a dozen PR leaders thanks to The Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations.  Besides providing insights about their own careers, the PR veterans offer tips ranging from the best PR books to read to how to manage your career. The interesting format starts with a brief bio of…… Continue reading Conversations With PR Leaders

Carol Cone: Intern to Innovator

No one would question the assertion that Carol Cone gave birth to cause marketing.  This is a significant accomplishment that inspires her many co-workers and friends.  I first met Carol after she had already founded Cone 25 years ago, so I found her Career Capsule to be both informative and instructive–another successful career that started with an internship. Carol L. Cone Chairman Cone…… Continue reading Carol Cone: Intern to Innovator

Development/Fund Raising Career Path

Q.  I am interested in pursuing a career in development/fund raising, since that is what I am currently passionate about. However, eventually I would like to work in an agency. Would this be possible, or would I be locked into a career of fund raising/development forever?  -MS A.  Development/fund raising is very much part of the…… Continue reading Development/Fund Raising Career Path

A Day In The Life Of. . .

   Brooke Ehlers Public Relations Account Executive Nicholson Kovac, Inc. – Kansas City, MO  Nicholson Kovac, Inc., an integrated marketing communications company, is counted among the top independent advertising agencies in the country and serves national and global brands.  At the hart of Nicholson Kovac’s work is Relevant Ingenuity, a proprietary process of discovering the…… Continue reading A Day In The Life Of. . .

Zagat of Internships

Word of mouth traditionally has been the main channel for candid insights into internships.  A new Web site — — is on the way to become an invaluable resource for intern searches.  C0-founded by Boston University students Lauren Grunstein and Stephanie Gurtman, is a resource for students to rate, research and compare internships in various…… Continue reading Zagat of Internships