By Tim Conway During past decade as Adjunct Faculty at Roosevelt and DePaul universities, I’ve been periodic judge for small group presentations. Conclusion: Most teams give weak last-class presentations. Main reasons for snoozzzzzzzer talks:  Too many cluttered slides (excess copy/data); lack of cohesion/flow/imagination; minimal rehearsal. Solutions: Try proven speaking techniques: Ask surprising question or “wow statement/statistic” up front…… Continue reading AS A PR-ESENTER, NEVER BE BORING

Words Matter: How To Speak With Authority

By Tim Conway As Adjunct Faculty at Chicago universities for the past decade, I have witnessed endless presentations.  Being a generous grader who rounds-up, most productions barely earn a “C.” Reason for poor performance:  Undergraduates/MBAs bore audience through over-use of “fillers.”  Unfortunately, these bad habits carry forward to the workplace. A filler word or phrase…… Continue reading Words Matter: How To Speak With Authority

Both Hands On Career Steering Wheel

Ever think there are simply too many career options — especially in marketing/communications? If so, you’re correct. The list of multi-industry titles is almost endless: public relations account executive; advertising creative director; sales promotions supervisor; graphic designer; event planner; search engine marketer; mobile commerce god/dess. What should an ambitious climber, like you, do? Recognize that…… Continue reading Both Hands On Career Steering Wheel

Are You a Specialist or a Generalist?

Are you a Generalist or a Specialist? Why should you care? As a former PRactitioner and current mentor to business owners, I can address both topics. According to Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation, a “word association” assessment determines if you are a Generalist or a Specialist.  During this brief quiz, you reply with the first thoughts…… Continue reading Are You a Specialist or a Generalist?

To Uncover Career Gold, Be Bold

   Tim Conway    In a weak employment market, it’s a smart strategy to take risks. Push yourself to try unconventional job search methods.  By being a go-getter, you will spot hidden opportunities. Here are surprising tactics that are productive: compose brief bio and case studies (format of Situation, Actions, Results); send as an alternative…… Continue reading To Uncover Career Gold, Be Bold

Practice Skills Employers Want

  Tim Conway  Due to ultra-competitive job market, aspiring PR professionals must showcase in-demand talents at special events, interviews, on-the-job and community service projects.  The ideal chance for future executives to nurture competencies is on-campus and initial role.  The good news is that you can acquire these essential habits with time, effort and commitment. Professional…… Continue reading Practice Skills Employers Want