Practice Skills Employers Want

  Tim Conway  Due to ultra-competitive job market, aspiring PR professionals must showcase in-demand talents at special events, interviews, on-the-job and community service projects.  The ideal chance for future executives to nurture competencies is on-campus and initial role.  The good news is that you can acquire these essential habits with time, effort and commitment. Professional…… Continue reading Practice Skills Employers Want

5 Etiquette Tips for Successful Interview

   Peggy Post  As I was growing up, my mother would pass judgement on my social transgressions by claiming “Emily Post would roll over in her grave.”  It wasn’t until college that I finally learned there really was someone named Emily Post.  Her rules of etiquette came to life during an enlightening one-credit-hour course taught by Mary Alice Banks.  Unfortunately,…… Continue reading 5 Etiquette Tips for Successful Interview