PR Pros Offer Interview and Job Start Tips

PRSA Chicago recently invited young professionals to the “Taking a Closer Look at Food” workshop to help attendees gain perspective into the evolving PR world. The workshop included a panel led by Ketchum Midwest Director Bill Zucker that offered tips on how to become a more successful PR professional. The following are tips recorded by young…… Continue reading PR Pros Offer Interview and Job Start Tips

Consider Job Detours to Gain Experience, Pay Bills

If you’re armed with a PR degree and little prospects for a relevant job, consider a foot-in-the-door approach to move towards your desired career goal. Aylwin Lewis, CEO of Potbelly Sandwich Works, recently talked with PR students at DePaul about his chain’s use of values-driven communication as the main tool to recruit and keep employees and customers. …… Continue reading Consider Job Detours to Gain Experience, Pay Bills

Career Capsule: Charles ‘Chuck’ Ebeling

  Chuck Ebeling  As an undergrad journalism major, I had no idea about public relations until I ran a campaign for my roommate to run for student council president. He didn’t win, but I noted the influence we garnered, so I took the two courses then available in PR. Graduating at the height of the…… Continue reading Career Capsule: Charles ‘Chuck’ Ebeling

Differences Between Agency/Corporate Jobs

  Since I’ve worked on both sides of the PR fence–corporate and agency, I get a lot of questions regarding the differences between the two.  Just this week,  two readers posed similar questions: “Do you have any resources or advice for a hard-working 2009 graduate seeking an in-house job?” and “What are the differences between corporate…… Continue reading Differences Between Agency/Corporate Jobs