Differences Between Agency/Corporate Jobs

  Since I’ve worked on both sides of the PR fence–corporate and agency, I get a lot of questions regarding the differences between the two.  Just this week,  two readers posed similar questions: “Do you have any resources or advice for a hard-working 2009 graduate seeking an in-house job?” and “What are the differences between corporate…… Continue reading Differences Between Agency/Corporate Jobs

Twitter Job Search Basic Tools

Q.  You’ve written about Twitter and using social media to help land job searches.  I’m 30-something and am back in the job market, but I have only just signed up for Twitter so I admit to be clueless.  Can you suggest an online class or computer program that I can buy to help navigate this new…… Continue reading Twitter Job Search Basic Tools

Enlist Parents in Your Job Search

Q.  I’m dreading the long weekend with my parents since it will be no-stop questions about my so-far unsuccessful job search.  Other than staying in my room or hiding out at friends, how can I explain to them why it’s taking so long to land a job?  -CE A.  Take the offensive.  Give them roles…… Continue reading Enlist Parents in Your Job Search