Sustainability Creates PR Career Opportunities

By Ujëbardha Bekolli  Sustainability is one of the fastest growing fields for career opportunities. With brands implementing sustainability in their practices, there is an increasing number of job openings for sustainability professionals. The PR career path is no different. Especially because brands have been using sustainability for marketing purposes, to attract a larger scale of loyal customers.   But not…… Continue reading Sustainability Creates PR Career Opportunities

Tipping Point 2.0: ‘Good’ Business = Big Business

Cause-related PR is on the verge of exploding.    For years, corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts have been handled by small, sometimes one-person staffs.  As consumers reacted positively to companies that did good deeds, CSR gained increasing credibility as it expanded from corporate philanthropy to a new marketing tool.  Rob Densen wrote a thoughtful guest post recently on CSR (he…… Continue reading Tipping Point 2.0: ‘Good’ Business = Big Business

CSR Jobs Poised to Grow in New Decade

The Great Recession caused a dip in corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs as companies cut budgets in order to remain profitable.  As the economy improves in 2010, many predict increased growth in CSR activities since “doing good” builds brand reputations and increases sales.  Innovative CSR guru Rob Densen shares my point of view, predicting that integrated…… Continue reading CSR Jobs Poised to Grow in New Decade

CSR Job Sites

Interest in corporate social responsibility (CSR) is growing faster than actual jobs in the field.  However, the growth rate for CSR positions outpaces most areas of public relations.  A number of CSR-related job sites list a an increasing number of opportunities. Here are some of the CSR/green job sites compiled by Green Jobs Network, many of which…… Continue reading CSR Job Sites