Avoid ‘Teaser’ Emails in Job Search


Several hiring managers have asked me to encourage job seekers to stop sending “teaser emails.”  These are short messages containing few details, but almost always seeking an opportunity to meet in person.

Agencies receive hundreds of quality resumes each month, so some hiring managers speculate that applicants leave resumes off their email inquiries in hopes of increasing interest to learn more about them.  I’m not alone in feeling such emails are woefully incomplete, presumptious and annoying.  “Unless I personally know someone mentioned in the email, I automatically hit delete on any such email that doesn’t contain a resume,” said the HR manager director of a major agency.  

Rule of thumb, always include your resume any time you’re communicating with a potential decision maker in a job search.  Don’t think a cleverly written “teaser” email will engage a hiring manager into a two-way dialog resulting in getting your foot in the door. 

By the way, the same email expectations apply to phone inquiries.  Unless you know the hiring manager or are referred by someone who is well connected to that individual, don’t make the call.  Send an introductory note and resume before dialing. 

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