Freelancing: Career or Bridge to Full-Time

  Q.  Since graduating a year ago, I have been unsuccessful in landing a full-time job but I’ve picked up several freelance assignments.  I enjoy the work, lifestyle, and make decent money.  Is it practical to make a career out of freelancing?  A.  Many freelancers do quite well, but most would rather be working full…… Continue reading Freelancing: Career or Bridge to Full-Time

5 Sites for PR and Media Job Seekers

  Guest post by Melissa Tamura There are many websites specifically designed for public relations and media job seekers.  With the internet, the search can become monotonous and overwhelming.  There are only a few sites that are even worth a visit however, and those go above and beyond in the resources that they offer to help…… Continue reading 5 Sites for PR and Media Job Seekers

Online Portfolio or Resume? Try Both

After being critical of the bold, four-color resume of a senior I met during a visit to the University of Kansas, I recently received a toned down resume from him–but it still looked like an Oscar-nominated movie ad in the New York Post.  The resume was cluttered with too many type faces and sizes, and featured a 2″ x 3″ photo.  My…… Continue reading Online Portfolio or Resume? Try Both

Starting or Escaping Your Own PR Business

Over the weekend, I heard from two friends–one who has decided to start his own PR consulting business, and another who wants to abandon his 3-year-old freelance practice and return to a full-time agency job. I wish the call order had been turned around since I perhaps was overly encouraging to the first caller.  Meanwhile, the…… Continue reading Starting or Escaping Your Own PR Business

UK Job Boards

  Online job boards are cropping up like crocus in spring.  While we’ve  highlighted several U.S. job boards, there also are a growing number of sites covering jobs in the United Kingdom. I looked at several  job boards over the weekend, and asked U.K. blogger Richard Bailey to weigh in on those I selected.   Here are our picks for current U.K.-based…… Continue reading UK Job Boards

CSR Job Sites

Interest in corporate social responsibility (CSR) is growing faster than actual jobs in the field.  However, the growth rate for CSR positions outpaces most areas of public relations.  A number of CSR-related job sites list a an increasing number of opportunities. Here are some of the CSR/green job sites compiled by Green Jobs Network, many of which…… Continue reading CSR Job Sites

Baker’s Dozen Entry-Level Job and Career Sites

Help build a list of useful resources for entry-level job searches.  Here’s a dozen that I’ve checked out.  Share your favorites or review any of these via Comment box below.  Career Guidance – Free “super-site” for students, recent grads. AfterCollege – Sizable job data bank from 30,000 employers. Campus Career Center – Entry-level job search tips.…… Continue reading Baker’s Dozen Entry-Level Job and Career Sites

Online Job Searches Made Easier

  A new search engine enables U.S. job seekers to find jobs posted on all career websites in a single search.  I spent some time last night on Jobrapido and found it to be an efficient organizer of job openings carried by sites such as Craig’s List, CareerBuilder, TalentZoo, and  It also carries some smaller,…… Continue reading Online Job Searches Made Easier

PR Insights Available Via Online Videos

For individuals considering a career in public relations, mini briefings on various aspects of PR are increasingly available in video format.  The newest free online video source taking on YouTube and other lesser known sites is  Just launched a year and a half ago, Howcast is getting considerable buzz–mainly for off-beat topics such as How to kiss like Angelina Jolie, and…… Continue reading PR Insights Available Via Online Videos