5 Sites for PR and Media Job Seekers


Guest post by Melissa Tamura

There are many websites specifically designed for public relations and media job seekers.  With the internet, the search can become monotonous and overwhelming.  There are only a few sites that are even worth a visit however, and those go above and beyond in the resources that they offer to help job seekers in the public relations and media industry.

The following 5 websites are among the most helpful for job seekers.  Not only do these sites offer job listings in the areas of public relations and media, but they provide additional information and tools that help job seekers stay up to date in the latest industry news.  Some sites also feature career building resources for those who would like to enhance their qualifications.  All of these sites provide job listings, although some require that you sign in to get the details.  But signing in is free and the resources that they provide are great.

Media Bistro is one of the best sites for searching PR and media jobs.  It also provides a huge amount of resources, including up to date media news, online and onsite classes, feature stories, interviews with industry leaders, and an online community.  You do have to sign in to get details of the jobs offered and take advantage of their resources.  Their jobs are updated daily and their site is easy to navigate.

TalentZoo is another PR and media job listing site.  It also offers updated news, an industry column, and blogs. Plus they too have a generous amount of online resources, including a salary monitor that will let you know what your job is worth.

JournalismJobs.com allows you to post your resume on their job site. You don’t need to sign in to get the job details and you can apply directly to the employer.  Journalismjobs.com just asks that job seekers mention their site when applying for a position.  Their resources include a media news digest and an extensive listing of industry events.

MediaJobs.net offers you the opportunity to sign up, but you don’t have to when reviewing or applying for a position.  This site offers job seeker tools such as a portfolio builder, a featured resume listing, and a job search alert.  Like the other sites, it also features a number of career resources. Their listing includes a free personality test, career consultation, and free industry magazines.

PRWeekUS.com provides an extensive listing of PR jobs and allows you to apply directly to the employer.  However, if you want to take advantage of any job seeker tools then you have to sign in.  This site also offers a lot of job seeker resources, including feature stories, whitepapers, blogs, and an events calendar.

There are many other sites for PR and media job seekers so it can be time-consuming to research them.  Nevertheless, the above sites are among the best, and as you can see, they have a lot to offer job seekers in the PR and media industry.  Happy hunting!

Melissa Tamura writes about online degree programs for Zen College Life. 

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