Online Portfolios Set You Apart From the Pack


In past posts, I’ve been lukewarm about the need to spend hours developing an online portfolio for job searches. I recommended that job seekers should focus mostly on their resumes.  As employers increasingly seek digitally savvy job candidates, I’ve changed my mind and have become bullish about online portfolios for both job seekers and those currently employed. 

Establishing your own career portfolio ensures that human resource personnel and recruiters will quickly find your page rather than having to piece together your online presence from a variety of Google links.  For many, an up-to-date LinkedIn profile sufficiently answers most questions.  But an online portfolio allows you to more fully showcase your digital know how. 

Sunday’s New York Times’ Career Couch column confirms the increasing focus by companies on employees who have a solid command of social media skills. “Even if you aren’t looking for a job, keeping an online portfolio can be a way to keep track of your accomplishments and industry activities,” The Times says. “Be sure to let your boss know about the site and make clear that you are using it to showcase your work as part of your long-term career goals.”

Nearly three years ago in this blog, Tim Conway detailed a 3-step process on how to build an digital career portfolio. “Creating high-quality career portfolio is significant undertaking,” Tim says. To complete varied tasks — deciding flow, editing copy, picking logos/art — allocate 10-20 hours over three weeks.

Several websites, such as Wix, Carbonmade, and VisualCV, offer free or low-cost help in creating your own online presence.

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