Hi, @TheRealWorld. It’s Me, @SarahGDougherty

By Sarah Dougherty It felt like it was time for a new challenge. I had checked all the boxes, written the thank-you notes and done what I thought was the best I could do to have a fulfilling college experience. The summer internships, the PRSSA activities and conferences, and professional development opportunities had led me…… Continue reading Hi, @TheRealWorld. It’s Me, @SarahGDougherty

A 30-Day Networking Case Study

At Wednesday night’s Medill IMC networking reception in Chicago, I ran into Edward Bury, who wrote a guest post here earlier this year.  I soon learned Edward has a lot of networking savvy, so I asked him to share some thoughts on the importance of networking.  He agreed to write another post and called my attention to his blog which…… Continue reading A 30-Day Networking Case Study

Internship vs. Full-Time: Flip a Coin?

Q.  After many months, I finally got an offer this week for a PR internship.  However, I’m supposed to start a full-time job in sales on Monday.  My parents are split–one tells me to stick with the sales job since it has a salary and bonus–and  benefits, while the the other (mom) says I should do what…… Continue reading Internship vs. Full-Time: Flip a Coin?