Goal for Eternal Students: ‘Fall’ Into Something New

By Sarah Dougherty When was the last time you did something for the first time? I’m both quoting a country song by Darius Rucker and genuinely asking. With the back-to-school feeling in the air and fall upon us, it’s difficult not to think about the “night before class” jitters and wonder about what lessons and…… Continue reading Goal for Eternal Students: ‘Fall’ Into Something New

Hi, @TheRealWorld. It’s Me, @SarahGDougherty

By Sarah Dougherty It felt like it was time for a new challenge. I had checked all the boxes, written the thank-you notes and done what I thought was the best I could do to have a fulfilling college experience. The summer internships, the PRSSA activities and conferences, and professional development opportunities had led me…… Continue reading Hi, @TheRealWorld. It’s Me, @SarahGDougherty