Internship vs. Full-Time: Flip a Coin?

Q.  After many months, I finally got an offer this week for a PR internship.  However, I’m supposed to start a full-time job in sales on Monday.  My parents are split–one tells me to stick with the sales job since it has a salary and bonus–and  benefits, while the the other (mom) says I should do what makes me happiest even if there isn’t certainty about long-term prospects of the internship.  I think I know what you’ll suggest, but wanted to ask anyway.  I’m about ready to flip a coin.  -MB

A.  First of all, congratulations on having two job options.  In the past, I’ve recommended sales as a great place to wait out the recession until PR jobs become more plentiful.  I detect you have doubts or you wouldn’t be seeking an outside opinion.  Therefore, I suggest that you simply follow your long-term career goals.  If you want a PR career, then take the internship.  The improving economy is converting more and more internship positions into full-time jobs.   That’s a new phenomenon versus the last few years when three- and six-month internships ended without full-time offers. 

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  1. Thanks, Ron. I’m sure this Q&A applies to many of us recent graduates out there who are faced with choosing between an internship that may end in three months, yet is what we really want to do and a FT position in something that doesn’t stir our blood.

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