Holiday Networking Tips That’ll Make You Memorable (In a Good Way)

As year-end social networking events kick into high gear this month, there are 10 things you can do to ensure you get invited back next year. Promptly Respond to RSVP Event planners indicate that only 30% of invited guests respond to the first round of invitations. Whether you’re going or not, respond promptly. Prepare Think…… Continue reading Holiday Networking Tips That’ll Make You Memorable (In a Good Way)

5 Fundamental Rules of Job Reference Etiquette

I got an unexpected call last week from a reference checker seeking insights about a former employee. I wasn’t aware my former colleague was seeking a new gig, and the screener didn’t disclose what job she was seeking, So, I had to wing my responses. I love my former colleague, but it was poor job-search…… Continue reading 5 Fundamental Rules of Job Reference Etiquette

Hats Off Etiquette 101

Before the start of a recent career panel discussion, I was surprised when a panelist told several students to remove their hats. After they promptly complied, the speaker asked if they understood why she made that request. That brief 90-second discussion may have been the key takeaway from that particular panel. I admit to cringing a bit…… Continue reading Hats Off Etiquette 101

Ignore Generic LinkedIn Requests

Despite efforts to promote personalized connection requests, 9 out of 10 LinkedIn invitations I receive are the standard 11-word generic default message: ”I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.” That’s fine if you actually know the individual being contacted. Unfortunately, far too many invitations are extended by individuals who have passing…… Continue reading Ignore Generic LinkedIn Requests

How to Boost Your PR Profile Via Social Media

You may have heard the old expression that charity begins at home. The same could be said for public relations: If you are pursuing a career in PR, there’s no better “client” to start with than yourself. A prospective employer (or client, for that matter) is much more likely to be impressed with you if…… Continue reading How to Boost Your PR Profile Via Social Media

10 Tips for Networking Etiquette

    Evan Roberts    Some things you may not know about etiquette…unless you went to the Netiquette (Networking and Etiquette) session at PRSSA National Conference in San Diego.   The etiquette session, presented by professors Laura Neal and Debbie Darling of Cal State-Fullerton, was very interactive and even though I had attended etiquette dinners before,…… Continue reading 10 Tips for Networking Etiquette