Back to School? Time to Get Involved

With a 20% increase in students attending American colleges and universities over the past 10 years, there is no wonder competition for the best jobs continues to get more and more intense. When hundreds of applications are sometimes received for each opening at major agencies, what can you do to get recruiters and hiring managers…… Continue reading Back to School? Time to Get Involved

Don’t Burn Bridges in Job Acceptance Process

First the good news: There are more entry-level PR jobs than any other time in the past decade. And top graduates are receiving multiple job offers. The bad news: Some new hires are risking their future careers by mishandling job acceptance etiquette. Case in point: A recent graduate received four internship job offers, but really wanted to work for…… Continue reading Don’t Burn Bridges in Job Acceptance Process

Update Your Resume Now

When was the last time you updated your resume? If you answered anything other than “earlier this year”, don’t procrastinate. Do it now. Case in point: A 30-something agency VP told me last week about her failure to be considered for a significant job with another firm because she didn’t have an up-to-date resume. She…… Continue reading Update Your Resume Now