Check List Before Finishing Summer Internship


Attention: Summer Interns

As the summer internship season draws to a close, make sure you can check off key accomplishments that will lead to your next career opportunity. Here are 10 questions to ask yourself:

  1. Did you learn or seek to learn something new every day? Did you get to know the agency, association or corporation—its business model, organizational structure, culture and value proposition?
  2. Did you meet and interact with a wide range of professionals in the organization–not just your functional area? Who didn’t you meet that you should make a point of doing so before leaving?
  3. What are the bosses reading, either books or trade publications? Read them, too.
  4. Did you identify someone who might become a mentor or future sponsor?
  5. How did you present yourself, whether in-office or virtually? (There is still time to dress up your act if you might have come off as too casual. No beach attire or unmade beds in the background of Zoom calls).
  6. How many people did you add to your personal network? Don’t forget to connect via LinkedIn with all co-workers.
  7. Even if bored, are you presenting a positive, can-do attitude towards all assignments?
  8. If uncertain about assignments, did you ask for clarification? Know expectations.
  9. Upon completing projects, did you seek feedback?
  10. Feeling good about your experience or getting positive feedback? Ask supervisor to write a brief LinkedIn recommendation.

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