Create Remote Culture of Recognition


By Danielle Gibson

Successful businesses need passionate employees, and an engaged and invested workforce is born largely from having a positive culture. But for remote organizations, it can be more challenging to form relationships and strong networks within their teams.

Now more than ever, people value positive workplaces where they feel appreciated, have a sense of belonging and feel truly valued as an individual. So how do you create a culture of recognition as a remote company? Here are the basics.

Set the standard

First, your agency or company should have a strong set of core values that is upheld by employees at all levels. Leading by example and reinforcing positive culture across your company, from leads to assistants, will build your integrity as a company and create a circle of trust within your teams.

For remote workers, it can be harder for people to feel like part of the team. Encourage your leads to regularly check in with their staff and show that they genuinely care about them on both a personal and professional level. Recognition is closely linked to retention of employees, with more than 50% of workers saying they would prioritize a good workplace culture over salary.

Make it personal

There’s a big difference between a quick, overall thanks thrown to the entire team and a personal thank you. People respond positively to authentic appreciation, so it’s important to check in regularly and notice the efforts your team members are making. Scheduling regular catch-ups and being supportive of any struggles your employees may be facing helps to build trust and reiterate the fact you care.

With remote employees, it’s even more crucial to actively show appreciation in a way that motivates the individual to continue to do great work within your company. This is because they may naturally feel more distanced from the company due to the lack of office based social culture. Setting positive goals that are personalized, and supporting your team members with personal development plans are a great way to achieve this.

Grow together

Having employees who feel their efforts are recognized and praised is an essential characteristic of a high-performing team, with individuals who feel motivated to do their best. This means more happiness for them and better results for you. Showing your employees that you are invested in developing their skills, as well as their well being, is an important part of creating a positive workplace culture. Rather than making your remote workers feel replaceable and irrelevant to your company’s goals, share with them the bigger picture and invite them to grow with you. By creating a family-style, trusting relationship with your team you are more likely to succeed as a business and keep hold of the talent you have.

Think positive

Ultimately, a culture of recognition can be thought of as a cycle of positive interactions, where employees feel appreciated, supported and valued as part of their workforce on a deeper level. When people care about their jobs and feel part of the family, you can expect nothing but great results for your business.

Danielle Gibson is an entrepreneur and innovator of business online. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience on how to build strong, successful remote companies.

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