Entering the PR and Communications Content Creation Game? 5 Useful Lessons for Success


By Craig Engstrom

Disclaimer: Ron Culp did not solicit this post. These are my opinions.

If you’re reading this, you already know what I know: Ron Culp is the cool uncle you wish you had at family gatherings. He’s a seasoned PR and communications professional who has worked with big names like Eli Lilly, Sears, Sara Lee, and Ketchum—yet, Ron is so humble. He treats everyone as if they, too, are a big name in the industry, or at least will be one day. He’s contagiously passionate about helping the next generation of PR pros grow and succeed. That’s why I believe he started Culpwrit.com, a blog that’s chock-full of insights, advice, and real-life stories from PR and communications pros to PR and communications pros.

I’ve had the incredible fortune of being mentored by Ron in one-on-one situations and working with him on some projects. However, even when we go months without being in touch, I get mentorship through this blog. What I love about Culprwit.com is I can access Ron’s network’s knowledge and wisdom on demand.

So, think of Ron as your personal guide through the sometimes opaque yet tremendous world of PR. Culprwit.com is the red pill, and Ron is the Neo of the PR world, with an unrivaled network of (emerging) leaders ready to share the wisdom that will help you navigate the Matrix of communications professions.

In this post, I’m going meta. I’ll be sharing on Culpwrit five lessons I’ve learned from reading and contributing to Culpwrit for nearly a decade. These lessons will help you build an audience for your content.

Lesson #1: Stay on topic

Yeah. There’s that. While I am sure Ron has wonderful opinions about futuristic sunglasses and Merino wool sweaters, the thesis of Culpwrit.com is on point: Career guidance in public relations.

Lesson #2: Post regularly

Consistency is key in the content creation game. By consistently posting new articles and insights, Ron has kept us engaged and interested in this site. Consistency has built a loyal readership and elevated the blog’s influence in the PR and communications industry. So, whether you are building your YouTube channel, LinkedIn creator profile, TikTok, or podcast, publish at a sustainable cadence.

Lesson #3: Draw on the wisdom of your network

Posting regularly and consistently is a lot of work. Consistency is how you build quality relationships with others in the industry, and inviting them to share their perspectives on what they are passionate about pays off for readers too. The various perspective enriches the content.

Lesson #4: Share diverse voices

One of the things that sets Culpwrit.com apart from other PR and communications blogs is its commitment to featuring diverse voices. The blog includes contributions from professionals at all stages of their careers, from early to late career professionals, and from leaders of various ranks and backgrounds. He is inclusive of all identities. The result is a site that has content representative of the industry as a whole.

Lesson #5: Encouragement!

If you invite others to create content with you—be nice. Ron is always affirmative in his feedback. I’ve sent him low-quality and high-quality posts. Each time I send something, he offers encouraging feedback. I suspect he will post this without highlighting my overzealous use of mixed metaphors. 🙂

So, here’s the bottom line: If you’re looking for someone to blame for your success in the PR world, look no further than Ron Culp. He’s the culprit behind some of the industry’s most successful professionals. Follow his lead and become culpable for your success by heeding these five lessons as you cultivate your channel’s or channels’ content.

Craig Engstrom is a certified professional in talent development, director of the Center for Teaching Excellence at Southern Illinois University, and a communication career consultant. You can find him on LinkedIn, YouTube, or his site: craigengstrom.ninja 

One thought on “Entering the PR and Communications Content Creation Game? 5 Useful Lessons for Success

  1. Thanks, Craig. While initially embarrassed, I re-read your guest post and almost cried. You beautifully captured why I do what I do in this amazing profession. What an honor it is to be dubbed a “cool uncle.”

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