Dressing for Success in the PR World

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Amidst the fast-paced and ever-changing world of public relations, establishing a consistent style can be a bit stressful. If you’re struggling with maintaining professional dress in the PR world, take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone. Dressing for success each and every day is a great way to set yourself up to be more productive and positive while at work.

As you navigate your style, you might want to keep the following points in mind:

Elevate Your Style

While you don’t have to embrace current styles and trends, following them will make you more aware of subtle changes you might want to consider. Observing what your bosses and other successful executives are wearing will help you shape your own style preferences. Several friends follow fashion blogs that speak to their individual styles, and they enjoy experimenting with professional looks that fit their office atmosphere. While it might feel as though staying trendy is too expensive for your current budget, there are many ways to shop professional looks for less. Whether you make a great find at a local consignment store or shop used brand name looks online, consider accessible and affordable sites like thredUP the next time you focus on your style. When you are starting out on an entry-level or intern salary, it’s both smart and economical to check out professional Madewell looks and other deals. I have purchased some incredible designer ties from eBay and love visiting a good consignment shop.

Know Your Employer

In order to dress for success, knowing your company is the first step to establishing your style at work. For example, the PR team for a law firm is going to dress significantly different from the PR team at an office like Buzzfeed. Being in charge of the public’s perspective for your company means that you yourself should also embody your company with your way of dress. Take note of how your CEO, direct manager and co-workers present themselves, and be sure to align your look with theirs. Though matching the office style might seem like a no brainer, it’s something to place even more importance on as you navigate the world of PR.

Be You

While staying trendy and mirroring your company’s look are the first PR steps to dressing for success, you shouldn’t lose sight of yourself in the process. Ask yourself if your look is affecting how people perceive you, and do your best to style outfits that showcase the best parts of yourself. The most admirable professional looks are the ones that help show off your unique personality while still keeping things classy. Look for pieces that allow you to show off who you are and what you love. Whether you opt to wear a signature necklace everyday, or you make colorful socks your staple, have fun and be true to you.

Stay Comfortable

One of the most important things to keep in mind as you begin to establish your style at work is to stay comfortable. The world of PR is an ever-changing one, one that constantly has to keep up with shifts in the media both internally and externally. As you adapt to the field and develop a productive workflow, be sure that you’re setting yourself up for success with your look by being comfortable. By no means should you come to the office in your sweats, but bear in mind that there are simple ways to stay more comfortable throughout your day. Whatever the definition of comfort might be for you, look for ways to add it to your look. Wearing clothes that make you feel confident and composed will no doubt set you up for success in the fast-paced and stressful world of PR.

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