New PR Pros Cite First Year Experiences, Tips


During the final PRSA chat of 2015, new PR pros weighed in with insights and advice based on their first year on the job.

Former PRSSA chair Heather Harder, now in her first year as a professional, and I co-hosted #PRSAchat with some 50 participants. The discussion ranged from what they wish they had learned in college to internship insights and recommendations for other new PR pros. You can follow the actual flow of the chat on Twitter, but here are some of the many career-related highlights:

@prgirlindc: My biggest challenge as a young professional was finding a role that challenged me. I ended up creating my own!

@JulietMal: My #internships were invaluable to my success in #PR! I built relationships & gained vital insight into the professional world.

@ChristineDusome: Internships are also extremely valuable to help you find out what your interests & strengths are within the PR field.

@PRLorrie: Get active on social media in a professional manner so it can become an example of your work.

@_jennshafer: I don’t know how people could feel prepared for the real world without internships or other experience. I feel much more confident.

@HeathHarder: It was hard juggling multiple clients at first. Took a few months to learn time management, but having a mentor was helpful!

@EthanParry3: Network. Network. Network. Also, don’t forget about the network that you have already created while in school.

@EthanParry3: Stay busy, not just for the sake of being busy, but learn a new skill, practice writing, volunteer etc.

@gerardcorbett: Have a strategy to attain your goal. Measure your progress. Refine if needed.

@JasMollica: Don’t just focus on a job, focus on moving your career forward. Jobs aren’t forever, career can be!

@davispr: Spend some time really thinking about who you are & what you value – pursue companies & opportunities that match those values.

@prgirlindc: Make sure you’re reading PR related news, but also check out @Marketingland, etc. Cross disciplinary knowledge is crucial

@LaurentLawrence: Practice pitching yourself. As a new pro, companies r willing to train u, but you’ve got to get your foot in the door first.

@TeresaRHLane: It’s actually less competitive than I expected! W/ mentoring & coffee dates, the #PR world is a small friendly

@LaurentLawrence: Wish my college classes had thought me more about “managing up.” Knowing when to tell a superior you’re overwhelmed is priceless.

@LaurentLawrence: Colleges need to do better at teaching business principles and finance to #PR students. Much better.

@veronica_min: My previous boss at @ufPerformArts instilled in me the importance of the thank you card. So thankful that’s become 2nd nature!

Join the next #PRSAchat to discuss 2016 PR Resolutions and Predictions on January 21 at 3 p.m. ET.

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