Why PR Needs to Link With SEO & Digital Marketing


Public relations and Internet marketing are a power couple. A tremendous synergy exists between SEO, an Internet marketing strategy, and PR. Maximize this powerful trifecta with the following four steps:

Press Releases

The distribution of press releases is no longer restricted to newspapers, magazines, radio, and television. Many press releases have become high-quality content that can earn a strong presence on digital spaces through SEO and online marketing. A press release optimized with relevant keywords and links can generate high rankings, drive search engine traffic and effortlessly spread through media outlets. Hubspot.com Media and Speaker Relations specialist Lindsey Kirchoff describes this type of search engine traffic as “branded traffic” that’s generated after a marketing campaign. SEO also provides measurable data for further insight on how to improve campaigns and meet goals of PR firms.

Story Telling

Search Engine Watch explains that public relations and SEO experts share a commonality — both are skilled storytellers specializing in sharing valuable information. Not only does PR content have to appeal to target audiences and media outlets, it also has to appeal to Google. As promotional content is distributed among online media outlets and social networking sites, authentic link building enhances the value of the content for the reader. Optimized and valuable content is then more likely to be identified as highly credible by Google and naturally shared through platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Social Networks

Social networking sites Facebook, Twitter and Google+, are prominent digital spaces for PR professionals to share and promote content. Social networks are Internet marketing powerhouses, especially Google+. The Google Plus account of iAcquire, a Phoenix-based search agency, capitalizes on the influences of online social marketing by posting in-depth, original and valuable content. Industry leaders congregate on Google+ to discuss various topics and, for the forward-thinking digital marketing and SEO agency, experts gather to offer insight on content strategy and branding. Introduce social Internet marketing for client and content promotion, and PR pros can target niche consumer groups as well as engage with specific audiences.

Earned Media Coverage

SEO and PR are synonymous, asserts Shift Communications. For a brand or client, each entity strives for the singular goal of earned media. For a PR pro, media placement for a client on extensive, authoritative publications and outlets is earned media. For SEO, linking back to the website and boosting search engine rankings is earned media. Implement SEO into a public relations strategy, including keyword research and linking, to enhance a pitch, maximize marketing and establish credibility. Once a press release or piece of promotional content is placed on a notable media outlet online, it could experience a cascade effect, notes Search Engine Watch. Journalists and bloggers will share, cite and link to the content. Furthermore, these referral links can foster client and media relationships. While SEO and PR firms partner to build links and market products and services, industry relationships strengthen, thus fueling the missions of PR pros.

Alan Walsh is a digital media professional who blogs about social media trends.

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