15 Questions to Ask Yourself to Discover Your True Passions 


By David J. Albritton

If you’re lucky, you’ve already discovered many of your passions and get to spend much of your time enjoying things that bring you excitement and joy. However, maybe you’ve not yet connected with activities, skills, and interests that ignite your passion. 

 It takes time, soul-searching, and some life experience to identify your true passions. These prompts are written to tap into your wants, needs, desires, and fantasies. 

 Have fun with them and discover what you can add to your life that will fill it with delight. 

  1. What’s the one thing I’ve always wanted to do? Consider what would need to happen in order for you to carry through with this long-sought wish. Make a plan and get started. 
  2. If I could spend today doing whatever I desire, what would it be? Let your mind go. It could be something related to your work, your home, or fantasy adventure. 
  3. Where do I really want to live? What city and what type of residence? Perhaps you’re already fulfilling this passion and you do live in your true first choice. If not, ponder the possibilities of moving to a place you’ll love. 
  4. Where would I like to visit? Perhaps you’re harboring a secret yearning to visit Washington, D.C. or Westminster Abbey in London. The streets of Hong Kong may be calling your name or even the Grand Canyon. When will you make it happen? 
  5. What do I talk about doing but never do it? In a conversation, you might state something like, “For the last 10 years, I’ve really wanted to take a cruise to the Caribbean.” 
  6. What are the reasons I don’t go after my dreams? Explore within yourself why you haven’t pursued the life you want. Can you do something differently to help bring your dreams to life? 
  7. How will I finish the sentence, “More than anything, before I die, I want to ___________?” Say it out loud and fill in the blank. Then, figure out a way to accomplish your wish. 
  8. What are the things in my life that I would like to get rid of? If you’re discovering you don’t love everything about your life, maybe it’s time to do some “house cleaning.” Make a list of the ways you’d like your life to change. 
  9. Which people in my life inspire me and why?It’s important to know who inspires you so you can spend more time with them. What is it about them that lights you up so much? Decide to take every step to be inspired more often. 
  10. If I were to make just one radical change in my life right now to make life better, what would it be? Your answer to this question will really open up your possibilities. Moving to a bigger city might really spice up your life. Getting more education might be a goal—plus you’ll likely make more money. You’ll be happier if you chase your dreams. Make one (1) change. 
  11. How do I feel when I put all my effort into accomplishing one of my goals? Notice these feelings. You’ll no doubt want to experience them more often. 
  12. How do I feel whenever I achieve a life or career goal? Awesome, most likely. 
  13. What’s missing from my life? Answering this question requires considerable soul-searching. 
  14. Who are my biggest supporters? It’s wise to know the people that will stand behind you and help you pursue your passions, no matter what. 
  15. Who gets in the way of me achieving my goals? In order to find your true passions, you might be required to disengage from those who wish to counteract your efforts. 

If you take the time to thoroughly ponder each of these questions, you’ll be pleased with what you discover. Your true passions are inside you, just waiting to be let loose to bring you excitement, joy, and fulfillment. 

As you do this important work inside of your head to identify your passions and create action plans to pursue them, try to remember these things: 

  • Don’t allow money or other resources to be the sole limiting factor as to why you cannot or will not move forward. With careful planning and a willingness to consider out-of-the-box ideas that might include loans, borrowing from your 401k or even selling items you own for cash, you can open up amazing possibilities. 
  • Nothing happens until you put that amazing idea on your calendar. Make the decision about what you want to do and plan backwards from the date(s) you marked down to where you are today and figure out what’s needed to accomplish your goal over that time frame. 
  • Life’s journeys are more fun when you share them with those you love. Pick your best travel/business/thought partner and together, you can work on all of the planning for the next adventure or opportunity. 
  • We’re all living on borrowed time that we can’t get back as each day passes. Utilize the time you have wisely and enjoy your life to the fullest. 
  • Living your best life in all aspects of your existence actually helps you show up more holistically and complete as you engage with your professional endeavors. There is no prize for accumulating the most vacation days. Get out of the office and apply that same energy that you commit to your job into the pursuit of your passions.  


David J. Albritton, ACC is an accredited executive/leadership/career coach and the founder of the executive coaching firm, Nineteen88 Strategies, LLC. He spent more than 30 years in the PR/Comms profession, which includes time as the Chief Communications Officer at Exelis Inc., in addition to serving outside of our profession as President, General Motors Defense. He currently serves as an Independent Director on the board of Embecta Corp. (NASDAQ: EMBC), a $1.2B diabetes care business. 

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