Making Your Letter of Recommendation Stand Out

Are you about to venture into the real world? If you want to display a successful and professional image, you definitely need to present a good letter of recommendation. A letter of recommendation is a very useful tool, especially during the selection process. The more positive references the candidate has, the better it is.


The letter of recommendation is actually used to have more references linked to the experience and characteristics of an applicant. What matters the most is not really the content, but rather who wrote it, and/or which company.

The letter of recommendation should contain the following details:

  • The name of the person recommended and the applicant
  • A description of where they met
  • Something positive about the work they did or do together
  •  Something positive about the person recommended
  • The phone or contact information of the individual who recommended you

A good recommendation letter usually consists of four parts:

  1. Introduction
  2. Context
  3. Recommendation
  4. Closure

A letter of recommendation can be directed to the director (taking care to write either the name and title) or the full Committee.


The recommendation letter is a document that serves to introduce yourself to companies when you are seeking for work. It should be attached with the resume, and should summarize the candidate’s qualities in the professional sector.


A letter of recommendation must follow a specific structure and model. It should be written by a person who knows the candidate and who has had contact with him or her considering work training, etc. 

When submitting a letter of recommendation along with the resume, the candidate is displaying the recommendations by professionals, so that more compelling for the company in question. In short, the letter of recommendation is to show the company why you are an ideal candidate for the job, not because you are saying so, but because an outsider who knows you personally is actually stating such thing.


As the recommendation letter is a document that refers to a particular candidate for labor sector by a third person, the importance that this third person has in the work industry is essential. That is, the higher the rank he or she occupies, will determine the level of influence. However, although the person signing the document is a known professional, the content should at least follow a model. 

When it comes to a letter of recommendation, remember to work on the context. This is imperative or else, it will make no sense. The text of recommendation is not very important but it is supposed to be realistic. The professional must close the letter properly and he or she must include correct contact details. Including the above-mentioned four parts is extremely important. Remember, these sections are to indicate which are the main strengths of the candidate, as these will be key to the person who reads the letter of recommendation, especially when finally deciding to offer the candidate a work position.

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