A Daily Journal Leads to Career Game Plan

   Lee Weinstein 

Rarely does major media provide insights into the careers of PR professionals, so I was pleased to read yesterday’s New York Times Preoccupations column featuring PR veteran Lee Weinstein.

Former PR director at Nike, Lee reached a juncture in his life three years ago where he decided to assess what he wanted out of the rest of his career.  He realized he could stay at Nike, join a major agency or pursue his entrepreneurial spirit by hanging out his own shingle.  So, he launched a two-year process of introspection and redirection of his career. 

With the assistance of a career coach Ruth Luban, author of “Are You a Corporate Refugee?: A Survival Guide for Downsized, Disillusioned and Displaced Workers,” Lee developed the game plan for the “next 40 years” of his life.  He began by journaling for 20 minutes a day about anything that came to mind–all part of the “deconstructing” process necessary to build a new, more fulfilling career.  The Times article provides an excellent “how-to primer” for anyone contemplating “what’s next”–either veteran PR pros or new professionals. 

Spoiler Alert:  Lee opened his own boutique PR firm — LWA PR — in Portland, Oregon and the Columbia Gorge.  Lee’s personal search is an inspiration for all of us. 

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