PR Insights Available Via Online Videos

For individuals considering a career in public relations, mini briefings on various aspects of PR are increasingly available in video format. 

The newest free online video source taking on YouTube and other lesser known sites is  Just launched a year and a half ago, Howcast is getting considerable buzz–mainly for off-beat topics such as How to kiss like Angelina Jolie, and How to to have sex in a car.  (Don’t get excited, none are R-rated–although very close).  While many Howcast videos are humorous, a number, indeed, provide good advice.  Today’s New York Times carries a fascinating article about Howcast’s soaring popularity. 

I find Howcast to be somewhat informative, but mostly entertaining.  Nonetheless, individuals pursuing careers in public relations will find a variety of relevant videos.  A basic one is how to become a public relations specialist, and there are almost 150 additional PR-related videos on the site.  I’ve often used two Howcast competitors, and eHow, which I find more helpful than the sometime massive results I get when posing questions to Google, which is still my favorite day-in-and-day-out–although I am growing to really like many aspects of Bing.

Several other sites provide video content relevant to a PR career, including the Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations.  Currently, 12 in-depth interviews with PR veterans are available at the Plank Center site, and additional videos are added periodically.  YouTube, of course, offers a huge array of videos under PR titles, but you have to sort through the trash which has not yet cluttered Howcast. 

Please share other PR-related video links that you have found helpful. 

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