100 Twitter Job Search Tools

I’m still trying to figure out my Twitter “personality.”  In fact, I initially had a split personality via two Twitter accounts–one intended to be personal and the other linked to this blog.   However, I’ve found that it doesn’t necessarily work that way and I plan to focus only on the account most people come to: @rculp.  

To date, I have gotten several blog post ideas from Twitter, but I have not yet figured out all the benefits I keep hearing about from those who more effectively use it.  One such person, Culpwrit reader Amber Johnson, called my attention to an amazing resource that suggests 100 ways of using Twitter for a job search.  This list was compiled by Job Profiles, which promotes online college degree programs such as Kaplan and DeVry.

You might want to check out this list of tools, job listing feeds and online advice.  Pass along any others you might have found to be useful.  

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