Beware Job Scams

Leaving no stone unturned is important in any job search.  But beware the increasing number of predators who are selling dubious employment services that you don’t need.

One service offers help in locating government positions for a hefty fee, but you can find listings of all federal jobs at for free.  And state government job listings and applications are found on most state websites.  Just type in the state (i.e.,,  On many state sites, you can sort by various job types.  For instance, the State of Illinois job posting site today listed several hundred different jobs, including six public relations openings. 

I got stung many years ago by another pet peeve of mine–so-called recruiting or placement firms that charge an up front fee.  Rarely do they have any exclusive arrangements to fill jobs.  Instead, they use the same tools already available to you for free if you make your own clicks to find the information. 

M.P. McQueen wrote a “Managing Your Money” column for The Wall Street Journal last week that lists a variety of job scams.  He also warns against business-opportunity schemes that charge for information, but only provide vague advice. 

Job searches are tough and require considerable personal discipline.  It is normal to feel that you need help, and you might sometimes think that paying for it will result in more personalized assistance.  Unfortunately, there are a vast number of scams that want to take your money and deliver nothing you can’t more quickly find on your own. 

One thought on “Beware Job Scams

  1. Thanks for sharing a valid point, Ron. Job seekers should automatically see a red flag when they are being charged to find a job or access job postings online. The Web allows for instant access to so many rich resources like and, but it’s always smart to keep in mind that there are definitely numerous scams listed on these job sites as well.


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