PR Second Thoughts? Stay the Course

Q.  I am a college junior having second thoughts about getting a PR degree although I only have six hours to go in my major.  Should I continue or switch majors, even if it means adding another semester or more?   -WP

A.  With a quarter of the current 33,000 PR majors expected to graduate this year, the PR job market will remain saturated for the next year.  But if you have a sincere passion for PR, then stay the course. 

Instead of switching majors, you should determine what skills you can pick up in your remaining two semesters.  Get proficient in technology skills that are rapidly changing the profession.  Also, you still might have time to pick up a minor that will broaden your skill set and make your resume stand out from others (business, foreign language, technology, biology).   These skills will allow you to broaden your all-important first job search to include other occupations.   You can then use that experience to pursue the increasing number of PR opportunities that will open as the economy improves.  There are a many PR practitioners today who began their careers as pharmaceutical sales representatives, government employees and small-town newspaper reporters (i.e. me). 

One thought on “PR Second Thoughts? Stay the Course

  1. Good advice. I’m also a college junior, but I been determined to stay in PR.

    I would suggest improving your writing skills. If they are already great, work harder to make them exceptional. I’ve heard a lot of complaints about interns who are poor writers.

    Also, work on social media knowledge. As Gen Y, we’re expected to know everything about it!

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