Basics in Brevity for Your Next Big Interview

People all get nervous when job interviewing. It’s normal, whether it’s your first one or a few decades into your career. Though there are many tips to follow to make the best impression, you may overlook a blind spot: brevity. Nerves have a magical power to transform normal people into talkative types that can’t resist…… Continue reading Basics in Brevity for Your Next Big Interview

The Brevity Mandate

  If you cannot manage people’s inattention, you’ll likely mismanage your career. Attention spans are in a tailspin. In 2000, the average was 12 seconds and now it’s only eight. Professionals are interrupted 50-60 an hour, often unable to get back to the task at hand. The majority of people admit ignoring half the e-mails…… Continue reading The Brevity Mandate