Welcome to the Workplace

By John Millen Congratulations on your college graduation! You might have heard amazing commencement speeches with advice on your role in changing the world; on thinking globally but acting locally; on finding your bliss and living your dreams. That is all good and inspirational advice. You should follow your dreams. But as a veteran coach…… Continue reading Welcome to the Workplace

Holiday Networking Conversation Survival Guide

As she entered last week’s PRSA senior leaders’ reception in Chicago, an unemployed pro said she was advised by friends and a recruiter to shut down her job search until mid-January. I disagreed and challenged her to expand her network by meeting six new individuals before the end of the party. She accepted the challenge…… Continue reading Holiday Networking Conversation Survival Guide

How to Control Your Voice Like Morgan Freeman

By John Millen Our human voice is a truly amazing instrument. We produce a range of incredibly nuanced sounds that are capable of conveying meaning, emotion, and subtle cues to others. Here’s a passage of dialogue from Morgan Freeman, as “Red” in The Shawshank Redemption. Try reading this without hearing his comforting, mellow-toned voice: RED: I…… Continue reading How to Control Your Voice Like Morgan Freeman