The Power of Encouragement

  In this season of graduations, it’s interesting to note that graduation speeches can be inspiring, deadly dull, or even insulting. Advice to grads often includes admonitions to “suck it up,” “pay your dues,” or “it’s not just about you.” A recent college reunion reminded me how important even random words of encouragement can be…… Continue reading The Power of Encouragement

Graduation. Now What?

The above headline asks the question going through the minds of graduates who have not landed jobs. Fortunately, more graduates already have landed jobs than at this same point during the past four years. Increasingly, grads are getting picky about where they want to work and what they want to do. That may be a…… Continue reading Graduation. Now What?

Launching a Belated, Post-Graduation Job Search

Q.  A friend who just started her internship told me about your blog as she chastised me for not having looked for a PR job before graduating last month. I have a valid excuse since I had to work two jobs on campus to pay for college, so I don’t know where to start, nor do…… Continue reading Launching a Belated, Post-Graduation Job Search