The Ultimate PR Girl Boss: Robyn DelMonte 


By Ali Burleson

Who is the woman behind @GirlBossTown?

Robyn DelMonte is the self-proclaimed “internet’s agent,” and she does it all within the scope of her preferred social media platform, TikTok. A content creator and social media influencer, DelMonte is a leading public relations professional, yet until recently, she did it all for free through PR advice and ideas for brands and celebrities everywhere. 

DelMonte rose to fame quickly, and she now has over 600,000 followers on TikTok and the attention from brand and celebrity PR teams across the nation. Her distinct eye for creativity and trend forecasting turns the heads of the rest of us. What makes DelMonte stand apart from the others? Here are some things I’ve learned: 

Success comes in waves 

DelMonte’s fame came while she was sitting on her couch, drinking a glass of wine and reacting to the 2021 Met Gala from [her] couch. After gaining some attention, she found her niche as a content creator predicting PR moves for big brands and celebrities. DelMonte’s “big break” came at a time when she was working at Anthropologie and receiving job rejections from the industry. 

Success does not happen overnight, even if you are the most qualified person in the room. It takes hard work and patience. Sometimes, the “big break” you’re looking for comes at the least expected times. Big setbacks do lead to big comebacks, and DelMonte is a great example of that. Therefore, you must trust that a closed door means there is an open door waiting for you. 

Break the barrier 

In the ever-evolving world we live in, it’s easy to blend in with the crowd. Yet, I think the individuality we all bring to the table is a unique thing. It is what separates us, as people and as practitioners. 

For DelMonte, life changed overnight all because she broke the barrier between social media platforms and the industry of public relations. DelMonte may not practice PR the organic way, yet it is her originality that continues to pique our interest. 

I have realized in the past three and a half years in college, my dedication and commitment to the things I am passionate about have brought me extraordinary experiences that I would not have otherwise had. I have broken barriers of self-doubt to have those experiences, and I challenge you to do the same. 

Take a leap 

Two years since her first claim to fame, DelMonte is still the epitome of a PR girl boss. Reputable industry professionals look for DelMonte’s GBT stamp of approval. The next time you want a PRediction on what is going to happen next within the industry, take a scroll down DelMonte’s TikTok for insight. 

If there is one last takeaway from DelMonte, it’s that she continues to step outside the box in merging social media, PR and pop culture. She is shaping the way we utilize social media to build brand awareness and consumer trust. 

Whether you’re taking a career break, entering a new job or anticipating post-grad life, be like DelMonte and take the big leap. 

Ali Burleson is a senior at The University of Alabama, studying Public Relations, while also working toward her MA in Advertising and Public Relations.

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