Ways to Make Ends Meet if You Lose Your Job

The coronavirus pandemic has hit everyone hard, especially those in the restaurant and hospitality industries. However, people across all sectors — including public relations — have experienced job loss as a result of COVID-19. If you’re stuck without a job right now, you’re probably already looking for ways to trim your budget and save money. Beyond that, there are many ways you can replace some of your lost income as you search for your next career opportunity.

Branch Into Freelance Work

Chances are, you have a number of marketable skills that companies could use. If you’ve been laid off or had your hours reduced, consider putting your talents to work by becoming a freelancer. Many freelance opportunities are for part-time or limited-term contract work.

However, that may be just what you need to stay busy, make some extra income, or at least prevent a gap in your employment history.

It’s easy to market your skills online by using freelance job boards. One of the best freelance websites is Upwork, which allows you to create a profile and make connections with clients. This platform enables you to find work in a wide range of sectors, including everything from accounting to web and logo design.

Do Some Gig Work

While some industries are slowing down during the pandemic, others are expanding. For example, there are more gig jobs now than ever. A gig job can include essentially any type of temporary work. Freelance writing or design can fit under that definition. However, most gig work involves doing small, one-time jobs, usually without a contract.

Common gig jobs or side hustles can include delivering groceries or tutoring online. With so many odd jobs like these out there, it’s easy to earn a little cash on the side to make ends meet.

When you branch into the world of side hustles, keep in mind that some things may sound too good to be true. Unfortunately, with the popularity of gig jobs, scams abound in this field. Business Insider says to avoid potential scams such as multi-level marketing (MLM), envelope stuffing, and disreputable online survey companies.

Sell Unwanted Things Online

If you’re stuck at home due to COVID-19 anyway, it’s a great time to do a full decluttering. Once you’ve set aside all the things you don’t want anymore, you can make some extra money selling your items online. There are numerous places to sell things, such as eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Etsy, among others.

Be sure to compare your options so you can find the best selling platform based on the type of item you’re selling. Some marketplaces are best for craft items or electronics, while others are geared toward designer clothing and handbags.

Research Recession-Proof Careers

The COVID-19 pandemic has ultimately led to a recession. And even if your job is fine now, that can create a lot of anxiety about the future. Whenever there is a recession, some careers have a bit more stability than others. For example, Money Crashers says that healthcare workers, mechanics and actuaries, among others, might be a bit safer during an economic downturn. Fortunately, “marketing” is on the list, noting that businesses will embrace efforts that generate results. “Mediocre marketers suffer during recessions, as companies look for costs to cut. But any marketer who can prove their results keeps their job.” Same goes for PR.

There’s no such thing as a 100% recession-proof job, but it might be worth the effort to consider how your experience can be adapted to other career fields if the need arises. Building up your skill set and keeping your resume updated can help you stay in the best shape possible when the tide turns.

It’s stressful not knowing what might come next for your career. However, there are many ways to keep your resume looking good while replacing your lost income as you wait for more career opportunities to open up.

If you do pursue a freelance or side gig, you’ll want to determine if you need to set up your own business bank account. There are some valuable tips in this post from Bankrate.com.

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