Finding PR Jobs and Income Opportunities Amidst COVID-19 Requires Thinking Outside the Box

By Jon Kovach, Jr.

Even if it seems like the job world is temporarily closed to you, opportunities exist for those who think outside the box and consider doing things organizations need to get done. Creatively filling those needs with your current skills and interests will very likely lead to a job you love. I know. I’m doing it.

As an entrepreneur and a business owner, I’ve experienced my fair share of hardships due to COVID-19, government-mandated quarantines, and physical safety distancing. In order to make ends meet for my business, employees, and my personal household income, I’ve needed to adjust my lifestyle and tap into additional resources. The following lists contain resources and employable skills that many people (including myself, my employees and my clients) have used to obtain income, work, jobs, and opportunities during this season of a pandemic:


  • Delivery Services are supporting the backbone of the economy right now. Whether it’s Door Dash, UberEATS, or delivering packages to clients and post offices, consider delivery services so that you can stay active, serve people in need, and make some quick cash.
  • is a freelance online service where communication skills can be used to make a living.
  • “How To” videos on YouTube are free and help you learn skills, fix leaks, and even land dream jobs. Better yet, become the Youtuber you always dreamt of and teach the skills you have and upload to YouTube. Monetization comes as people enlist you for private one-on-one consulting.
  • Webinars and virtual conferences are at an unprecedented low cost (average is $0-$97); attend as many as you can so you can build new connections, learn skills, and grow intellectually. Consider working with someone you know and help them run an online webinar. Take commission checks or service fees for helping.
  • Are you a wizard? Many elderly professionals in education and in corporate need your help. Become a zoom coach and teach people how to utilize Zoom for business and education properly.


  • Writing and transcribing. The demand for written content is higher than ever before. Now is the time to put your journalism skills into your profitable side hustle.
  • Teaching. In times of pandemic, people buy based on two reasons, scarcity (the fear of missing out) and trust (relationships and connections), which makes online teaching and training a hot commodity for professionals adjusting to a work-from-home lifestyle. Much like the YouTube example above, what skill can you teach repeatedly and can charge a fee for?
  • Graphic Design. Use and build an enterprise of graphic designs that you can sell to businesses and companies. Everyone is seeking creative ways to attract the billions of eyes now on their phones and staring at screens to their blogs, posts, ads, and more. Your creativity worth a lot.
  • Editing. Editing writing, videos, data files, etc. are in extremely high demand. Do you have skills in editing? You are desperately wanted by thousands of companies looking for quick editors who can turn work around in a matter of minutes.

I pray during these times that you are safe, well, and prepared for the rollercoaster ride that gaining employment will be in 2020. It’s not impossible and this pandemic is teaching humans how to enhance their resourcefulness. I hope these ideas spark your inner-entrepreneur and provide you safety and prosperity during these most interesting of times. For more information and ideas, please email me at, or contact me via Facebook at Here is a link to a mastermind brainstorm on how to make money during COVID-19:

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Jon Kovach Jr. is an award-winning motivational speaker, business owner, and facilitator. A Utah Valley University graduate of Communication, PR, and entrepreneurship, Jon has been deeply involved in PRSSA/PRSA for the past five years as an active chapter member, board member, executive committee member, and Champion member. As an entrepreneur, Jon continues to use his public relation skills and ethics throughout his consultative practices.

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