Exceeding Expectations Makes You an A+ Student

During my winter intersession course on Diversity & Inclusion, students researched and interviewed a diverse group of 12 public relations leaders. Their final papers are being published as an ongoing series this month and next.

While all papers were well done, Joshua Smyser-DeLeon deserves a special shout out. He interviewed PR-pro-turned-business-leader David Albritton who now is president of General Motors Defense. Feeling there was so much more than he could condense into a 500-word blog post, Joshua on his own volition converted the interview into this podcast. Be sure to read Joshua’s blog post about David as well as listen to the above podcast.

A grades aren’t rare in most of my classes, which I attribute to the quality of our students. However, sometimes you wish you could give an A+ to students who exceed expectations.This is one of those occasions. Continue to exceed expectations and your career will be golden.

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