It’s Housecleaning Time for Your Online ‘Resume’

Facebook clean up

Despite dire warnings about social media transgressions killing job offers or business opportunities, some people just can’t help themselves. So, forge ahead letting the world know your thoughts if you’re secure in your job or business—even if you know you may be annoying half your audience. However, if you are looking for a job, it’s time to clean up your social media “resume.”

Now that over 80% of organizations are recruiting talent via social media channels, it is only natural that your job prospects – or new business opportunity — may hinge on your own social media engagement. While it is important to demonstrate social media skills, you simply need to consider who might be reading your comments and how they might react.
According to the Society for Human Resource Management, 43% of organizations use social media or online search engines to screen job candidates. And a third of organizations have disqualified a job candidate in the past year because of “concerning information” found on a public social media profile or through an online search.

With the political season in full swing, remember that perhaps 50% or more of those reading your attack on a candidate or issue might not agree with you. And you’re unlikely to change minds with 140 characters.

Watch your language. Dropping the F-bomb or vile language doesn’t change minds, but it does raise eyebrows. And giving your thumbs up LIKE to such comments is the same as stating it yourself.

Always remember that humor is subjective. Make sure your post is truly funny or cute and cannot be misinterpreted. If in doubt, don’t. Stick with posting cat videos.

10 ways to clean up your social media profile from Student Caring:

1. Watch Your Statuses and Comments

2. Look Through Your Photos

3. Trim Down Your Groups, Likes, or Apps

4. Consider Amending Your Friends List

5. Check Your Blogs

6. Look at Your YouTube Account

7. Restrict Tagging

8. Set Your Profile to Private

9. Set Your Albums to Private

10. Match Your LinkedIn Profile to Your Resume…and Vice Versa

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